The Soul-Shaking Love Podcast

Happily Me to Happily We: How Self-Love Leads to True Love


In this podcast, I share with Valerie my 4 step process for calling in love, how to increasing your self-love, and change your story to attract true love.

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Unbeaten Path Podcast

Leaving the Insurance Industry to Become a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and Life Coach with Ginger Marie Corwin

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In this podcast, I am interviewed by fellow University of Dayton Flyer, Sean Sechrist. I chat with Sean about my career in the insurance industry and what lead me to start my business and change the trajectory of my life. 

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Access to Success Podcast

Living a life of bliss with Ginger Marie Corwin

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In this podcast, I sit down with Saed Albasha and share my story and some fun ways to create a life of bliss. 

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LA Bound Podcast

The Pursuit of Happiness in LA with Life Coach Ginger Marie

In this podcast, I am interviewed by my dear friend Erica Wernick, Hollywood's Leading Success Coach. I share some of my personal struggles and how I inevitably found happiness and purpose.

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One thing stopping you from meeting your soulmate: Discover how to change your beliefs and call in love

In this article, I help you discover and change your beliefs about dating and finding love so you can call in your soulmate. 

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Fulfilling Your Dream: Why You Should Strive to Make the Most of Yourself

In this article, I talk about the importance of having dreams and why it crucial to push past fear and resistance to achieve them. 

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It’s Time To Create A New Perspective On Failure: Why failure inevitably leads to success

In this article, I share my perspective on failure and why it is necessary in order to succeed. 

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How to believe in yourself when you don't believe in yourself 

In this collective article, I share awkward stories from my past and talk about building confidence in yourself.

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15+ Standout Ways To Start Living An Authentic Life

In this collective article, I talk about connecting to your intuition to help you make decisions and live more authentically. 

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Easy Writer Press Release 

The Easy Writer Program Announces the Release of Five Best Selling Books

In this press release, my book, Your Weekly Guide to Bliss, is announced as a Best Seller on Amazon. 

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