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I am an Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Life Coach. I help people who are searching for a deeper level of happiness and self-love to find self-acceptance, power in their thoughts, and happiness in the present moment, so that they can feel financially free, fiercely confident, and in control of their lives.


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In Your Weekly Guide to Bliss, I guide my readers through my personal happiness journey and share 52 creative life-changing practices I used to help change my life. The 52 challenges in my book will show you how to create a deeper level of happiness and self-love so you can cultivate a life you love.

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Before one of my calls with Ginger, I was a mess. It was one of those days where I was feeling stuck, lost, and worried about my future. Ginger suggested specific steps to take and I didn't even want to do them. I was in such a state that I though nothing would work.

Regardless, when the call ended, I decided to follow her steps. Within a few hours I felt a weight lifted. Those steps worked like a charm and were perfect examples of how Ginger's coaching changes my life, one day at a time.

If I had't had Ginger, that day would have been bad until I went to sleep. Instead, my whole day turned around. Ginger isn't just a loving listener, she is also a masterful teacher, and for that I am so grateful.

-Erica Wernick, Success Coach