Your Weekly Guide to Bliss

52 Ways to Welcome Happiness and Cultivate a Life You Love

"Life is too short to be anything but happy...."

Why Wait To Be Happy?

Often times, I hear people say that they will be happy when they get that new job, move to a new place or find that certain someone. Does this resonate at all with you? If so, that's great... BUT what if those things don't happen at the rate you want them to or even at all? Are you still okay waiting to be happy?

The truth is, happiness comes when you learn to love your life now, in the present moment. Happiness is also about loving and accepting yourself more fully. As this happens, you will realize how your perception of yourself and the outside world shifts. You will be amazed at your ability to attract the things you do want into your life such as that new job, new place, or perfect mate. 

During my own personal happiness journey, I was coached on, researched, and read all about being happy. This journey inspired me to share what I learned with others and write my first book, Your Weekly Guide to Bliss:52 Ways to Welcome Happiness and Cultivate a Life You Love. 

In Your Weekly Guide to Bliss, I guide my readers through my personal happiness journey and share 52 creative life-changing practices I used to help change my life. The 52 challenges in my book will show you how to create a deeper level of happiness and self-love so you can cultivate a life you love. 

There is a fierce and radiant powerhouse inside you waiting to emerge.

You don't have to wait any longer. Claim your happiness now!