Are you ready to Change your love story? 

Is 2019 the year you meet your soulmate and find love?

"Self-love is the source of all our other loves."

- Pierre Corneille

Now is your time to find a loving, fulfilling relationship!

I don’t know if there is anything more beautiful than a women who is truly loves herself and knows her own worth. You are worthy and deserving of love.  You deserve to have your best friend by your side to enjoy this journey called life with you. You deserve to have a support system, someone who makes you feel safe, loved, and special. If you can imagine a happy relationship built on trust, that is exciting, fun, and easy, you are certainly capable of creating it.

What if I told you that your soulmate was really out there. . .that they actually exist?

What if I told you that it was possible and even easy to meet the right person?

After six months of working on deepening my own self-love and confidence, making peace with the past, and rewriting my love story, I was able to call in the one, my soulmate, with ease.  

Now, I am here to help you do the same.


What if you woke up everyday head over heels in love with your soulmate? 

Imagine ...

Improving your self-worth so that if you came across red flags or emotionally unavailable men you would walk away without internalizing or blaming yourself

Increasing your self-love and self-worth and feeling truly radiant, confident, and happy in your own skin

Breaking through negative patterns and fears that are keeping you from finding the one

Believing that your soulmate is really out there & knowing with certainty it is only a matter of time until you meet them

Changing your mindset and attitude towards relationships and love

Changing your story from "It's really hard to meet someone" to "I've met someone"

Imagine ...

Having a loving, fulfilling relationship

Being less lonely on this journey and sharing more of your time with someone you care about

Always having a date for weddings, holidays, and birthdays

Doing the things you want to do with someone who wants to do them with you

Being madly in love and having a support system who makes life more fun 

Having a stable, healthy relationship with someone who makes you smile and laugh the way you used to when you were a kid

It's time to stop asking the questions: 

" Is love really out there and what should I be doing to find it?" 

"Am I meant to remain single forever?"

You Do Not Have To Wait Any Longer...

It's time to Call in Your Soulmate now!

That’s Why I Created A Program Just For You...

My Happily Me to Happily WE program IS made FOR THE
 WOMAN WHO IS READY TO change her story & own her worth so that she can CLAIM a LIFE FILLED with happiness & love. 

I few years ago, my dating life was not what I wanted. I lacked self-love and confidence, I hadn’t forgiven the past, and I kept meeting men that weren’t emotionally available or ready for a relationship. They all eventually left me feeling alone and abounded. For 26 years, I lived my life the using the old approach. I wasn't aware of my beliefs and patterns so I kept repeating them.  In November 2015, after my 4th failed relationship I had been in since moving to LA, I was heartbroken and ready to give up on love.

Nic Ginger Sneak Peek-Nic and Ginger Sneak Peek-0066.jpg

Instead, I tried a different approach and within a few months I met the man I now call my husband.

I am happy to say we got married on November 11th in my dream wedding venue, Wayfarers Chapel. I've been dreaming about this day since I was a little girl.  

Trust me, I have been where you have been. I've felt what you fell. I want you to meet the one. I want you to find your soulmate and partner in crime. That one person you can connect with intellectually and emotionally....who keeps you on your toes and makes you a better person. Someone you trust and respect.

I want you to know and believe it is possible for you to find them... because it is



My life completely changed when I finally made the decision to try a new approach, which I have later come to call my 4 step process to finding love.  First, I made my own self-love a priority. Next, I made peace with the past. I forgave everyone in my life that had hurt me or whom I hurt.  Then, I changed my story about love and dating which allowed me to call in love.  

It pains me to see people struggle to find love.

Hearing others say that being forever single is their lifestyle. Believing love is possible for everyone else except for them. Being so fed up with trying different dating options that they are ready to give up all together. Internalizing and blaming themselves for past relationships, thinking “I must not have been good enough.”

It is for this reason, that I am thrilled to share with you my 4 step process so you can find love too. 


Happily Me toHappily We

Self-Love to True Love Coaching Program

My program is made especially for YOU and its goal is to help you make self-love a priority, make peace with the past, and change your story, so that you can call in love.

Happily me to Happily We is not ideal for YOU IF… 

  • You are okay struggling to find love and staying exactly where you are now

  • You are okay letting obstacles and fear stand in the way of finding true love

  • You don't feel it is important to invest in yourself

  • You are okay looking back on your life wondering “what if...”

  • You want to figure it alone

  • You are not ready to find your soulmate ASAP!

Happily me to Happily We is ideal FOR YOU IF… 

  • You are tired of waiting for your soulmate to arrive and have a burning desire to find them as soon as possible

  • You want to move through any current obstacles and fears standing in the way of you finding true love

  • You are okay asking for help when you need it

  • You want someone who has been where you are now and has found love, to help keep you positive, motivated, focused, and accountable

  • You are ready to find your soulmate ASAP!


My Happily me to Happily We: Self-love to True Love program is made especially for YOU and its number one goal is to Help you find true love. 

Every person has their own unique experience with love and dating that has shaped them into the women they are today. My program has an over all outline but our calls will be completely tailored to fulfill your needs and desires. 

This program is 8 weeks long and will be broken up into 4 bi-weekly modules. 


During This Program I will help you discover how to:

Make Self-Love a Priority: Moduel One - Weeks 1 & 2

  • Love and accept yourself more deeply so that you radiate a higher level of self-confidence and self-esteem and become a magnet to your ideal partner

  • Improve your self-esteem so that if a partner displays red flags or is emotionally unavailable you will have the strength to walk away and still confidently believe someone else will come along

Make Peace with the PAst: Module 2 - Weeks 3 & 4

  • Make peace with past relationships so you can attract love in the present

  • Cut energetic cords and release ties to your past  

Change Your Story: Module 3 - Weeks 5 & 6

  • Identify what, if any, negative signals you are sending out so that you can change them 

  • Find any limiting beliefs or stories about love so that you can replace them with new empowering ones

Call in Love: Module 4 - Weeks 7 & 8

  • Get clear on what characteristics and qualities you desire in your ideal partner so that you can attract them

  • Learn about the law of attraction and manifesting to take inspired action and call in love

Megan Reilly.jpg

"I thought what I wanted by working with Ginger was to achieve external results, to have other people treat me differently, and to be given more opportunities. What happened instead, through our work together, is that I learned to love myself, and from that place of being enough and liking myself, my true and authentic self, I found my relationships naturally shifted.

I found the relationship I had always been looking for because it manifested as a result of my new beliefs. Thank you Ginger!"

-Megan Reilly, Branding Consultant and Copywriter

The Happily me to Happily We: Self-Love to True Love Program

Right now, you might be wondering if your soulmate actually exist and what should you be doing to find them. You might fear that you aren't meant to find love or that relationships end because your not good enough. Maybe you aren't sure what signals you've been sending out and how to change them to attract a better romantic partner. Maybe you want to gain strength to walk away from a bad relationship or red flags as soon as you recognize them and not drag it out because you're afraid to be alone. Maybe you want to know, not only how to find love, but how to keep it. 

My Happily Me to Happily We Program is for those looking for a deep level of transformation.  During this program, I will help you make your own self-love a priority. I will show you how to gain strength to walk away from a bad relationship or red flags as soon as you recognize them. I will help you make peace with your past relationships so you can attract love in the present. Together, we will work on finding any limiting beliefs or stories about love and help you acknowledge and address them. I will teach you how to replace these old stories with new more empowering ones. I will talk about the law of attraction and manifesting to help you take inspired action and call in love.  

It's time for you to transform your love story from Happily Me to Happily We!



  • A Happily Me to Happily We Workbook that includes 4 Training Modules: Make Self-Love a Priority, Make Peace with the Past, Change Your Story, and Call in Love

  • Four bi-weekly 40 minute one on one coaching calls with Ginger Marie

  • Assignments to aid future growth and review what was covered in each session

  • Bi-weekly goal check-ins and accountability

  • Four complimentary angel card readings

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Your Investment:

 $950 payable in 2 monthly payments of $475
OR save $53 if you pay in full = $897

Ready for your happily ever after?


Payment Options

"It's a love story baby just say yes…"

- Taylor Swift

Once purchased, I will send you a welcome packet and questionnaire. After it is completed and sent in, I will send you the first module workbook. You will have your first coaching call the following week, which will allow you time to implement the training. 

Please note all products and services are non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns ask in advance of purchase by emailing I do not offer any refunds or guarantees. A large part of this program is dependent on your mindset and consistency implementing my 4 step process. By submitting payment, you understand and are agreeing to my refund policy and the terms and conditions listed on my website.

If you are doing the payment plan option, the second payment will be due exactly one month from the purchase date. If payment is not received by the date required or there is a problem with the payment transaction or method, you will be notified by e-mail and will have three (3) days after the payment was due to make the payment. If no payment is made within three (3) days after the payment was originally due, the program will automatically terminate.

  If you have any questions, please email me at

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