From Sad and Heartbroken to Happily Engaged

Through a majority of my 20s I was battling a fear of abandonment that stemmed from my early childhood and my dating life was not what I wanted. It seemed like every man I dated was unavailable or not looking for a relationship. It had me questioning myself and my sense of worth.  After several weeks of crying over another failed relationship, I finally decided it was time for some serious change. After focusing on strengthen my own self-love and becoming really great at manifesting I met my soul mate 6 months later and got engaged one year after we met.

I first began to attract love into my life by strengthen my own self-love and cultivating the relationship I had with myself. I made a promise that I would love myself no matter what. Whether someone loved me or not, it had no bearing on how lovable I was. With that promise, I focused on my own self-love and happiness. I realized that my thoughts created my reality and I had been creating a reality I did not want. Because of this, I was attracting certain men and dating patterns in my life. I became aware of my thoughts and started thinking positively. I began meditating, reading self-help books, doing mirror work, saying affirmations, and focusing heavily on other forms of self-love and self-care.  

Once I found a deeper level of self-love and genuinely enjoyed my own company, I felt ready to find love and started using my manifesting abilities to attract my dream man into my life. I got clear on the type of man I wanted, the characteristics he possessed, and how I would feel when I was with him. I visualized myself in this relationship, affirmed he was coming, and took notice of all the love I already had in my life. It was at this time that I was finally able to attract the type of love I always wanted and knew I deserved. 

If you can relate at all to how I was feeling before I started my own journey to self discovery, I feel for you. As Charles Spezzano says, “if it hurts, it isn’t love." I want you to know that it is okay to open yourself up to love.  You are capable and worthy of finding an amazing partner. It all starts with the love that you have for yourself and being clear on the type of love you want to attract into your life.

If you have been attracting the wrong romantic partners into your life, aren’t dating much at all, or just got out of a great relationship with the wrong person, know that your love story can change at any time.  Your true love is out there waiting for YOU and I want to help you attract them into your life. That is exactly why I have created a workbook titled, Calling in True Love, to help YOU manifest and call in your special someone! The workbook includes the same steps and process that I used to call in my fiancé.

This workbook will help you get clear about the type of person you want to attract. When you aren’t specific or deliberate about what you want to attract, you are more likely to attract the wrong types of relationships, just like I was doing. The more specific and clear you are about the type of person you want to attract, the easier it is to attract them.

My Calling in True Love workbook will help you:

  • Get clear and specific about the type of love you want to attract. From the characteristics they possess to how you feel when you are with them
  • Identify deal breakers and what is truly important to you in your relationship
  • Imagine how it feels to be madly in love
  • Set the intention to call in your true love ASAP!

Today you can get my Calling in True Love Workbook for only $14.99! (normally $17.99)


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