Dream Big

What do you want to have, accomplish, and create in your life? What is your dream?

For me, it is to become a NY Times Best Selling Author.

I want to get on stage and share my spiritual teachings and self-help tools with millions of people across the world.

I want to move people to tears with my message.

I want to make a global impact.

I want to change lives.

A few years ago, I would have never thought this dream was possible for me as I had a lot of fear and limiting beliefs. I lacked confidence in myself and my abilities.  I didn't think I had what it took to make this dream a reality. 

Now I do.

As New York Times Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Jack Canfield once said, "You are not given a dream unless you have the capacity to fulfill it."

Our dreams chooses us just as much as we choose them. I believe we all have dreams, desires, and goals and we are all capable of achieving them but many people give up on their dream and quit too soon.

They listen to the voice inside of their head that tells them they aren't ready and need to play it safe, the voice of their ego. 


They listen to others when they say, "That's impossible." "You're never gonna make it." "Try something more reasonable."

Don't listen to your ego, as it only wants to keep you comfortable,  and don't give up because of what other people say. Know that others are simply projecting their own beliefs of what they think is possible for them.

If I would have listen to those voices I wouldn't have wrote and self-published an Amazon Best Selling Book.

I wouldn't have booked my first paid speaking gig.

I wouldn't be living and speaking my authentic truth.

I wouldn't be closer to fulfilling my dreams than I was yesterday.

As Wallace Wattles said, "...you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself." 


Make the most of yourself.

Dream big.

Surround yourself with believe who believe in you.

Don't quit.

You have a dream for a reason....because you are meant to fulfill it!